Creative Solutions for Small Businesses in Trucking & Transportation

At Harris Business Solutions Inc, our mission is to raise awareness towards the demand for gender, ethnic and cultural diversity in the trucking and transportation industry. We believe that women, and the groups of people who society coined as "minorities", should have equal opportunities with minimal obstacles and be fairly recognized for their accomplishments and successes. Now more than ever, we need trucks moving. If we remove the stereotypes of what a person in transportation is supposed to look like, the industry can only flourish!

We can help you with:

  • Carrier Setup Services
  • Quarterly / Annual Services
  • DOT Compliant Truck Decals
  • Blog Articles & Videos
  • Digital & Printable Resources
  • Business Templates & More...

We are currently working on blog articles, educational videos for our YouTube channel, courses on Udemy & Teachable, and free & paid resources in our members only section on our site. Follow us at @harrisbsinc on Instagram & TikTok as we continue to grow our business and expand our creative services.

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